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Trade Secrets


Every company has confidential proprietary information, or trade secrets, that provides an economic advantage. Customer lists, unpublished software, manufacturing processes, and business plans are examples of trade secrets that could damage the company if they fall in the wrong hands. Also, instead of seeking patent protection for a particular invention, it sometimes may be more advantageous to keep it out of the public domain.

Your business' competitive advantage can be seriously harmed when trade secrets are stolen or disclosed. It is important for a company to take reasonable steps to maintain the secrecy of its confidential information. Our lawyers can help you protect your proprietary trade secrets.

Fulwider Patton LLP helps companies protect valuable information by:

  • Identifying information that qualifies as a trade
  • Establishing internal company guidelines and procedures limiting access to trade secrets
  • Writing policies concerning employee responsibilities regarding trade secrets
  • Drafting employee and supplier confidentiality agreements covering trade secrets
  • Litigating tortious misappropriations of proprietary trade secrets
  • Remedies for trade secret violations include monetary damages and injunctive relief

Fulwider Patton LLP represents clients nationwide from our offices in Los Angeles.