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Licensing intellectual property rights between those who own the rights and those who want to purchase and use the rights is often a logical and profitable arrangement for both parties. Licensing can cover patent rights, know-how, and other technology transfers. Trademarks, caricatures or logos, and other forms of intellectual property can also be licensed.

The licensing arrangements can take many forms including simple licensing agreements, complex joint ventures, corporate partnerships, or strategic alliances.

Licensing intellectual property can benefit both parties in a licensing arrangement. Our experienced intellectual property attorneys can assure that all the details are in your best interests.

The intellectual property attorneys at Fulwider Patton LLP help their clients develop licensing agreements by:

  • Determining how the agreement will meet company objectives
  • Evaluating licensing options such as exclusive licenses, non-exclusive licenses, and cross-licensing
  • Assuring that safeguards are in place to protect the intellectual property
  • Drafting confidentiality agreements with relevant employees, consultants, and suppliers
  • Obtaining a fair market value for royalties and other compensation
  • Establishing the limits of the licensing agreement
  • Preparing documents for limited-purpose alliances, joint ventures, or corporate partnerships
    • Fulwider Patton LLP represents clients throughout California and the United States, Europe and the Pacific Rim from our offices in Los Angeles.