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Copyright Law


Copyright laws provide for the protection of original works - of words, drawings, plans, designs, artwork, ornamentation, sculpture, and other forms of expression. Copyright exists from the moment an original work is created, but there are significant benefits to registering a copyright.

Registration is required in order to bring a copyright infringement lawsuit in court. For those works registered within three months of its publication, the copyright-holder does not have to prove actual damages in order to be awarded statutory damages and attorneys' fees.

Copyrights can be used to protect original works including written works and artistic designs. The copyright lawyers at the Fulwider Patton LLP law firm can advise you concerning your rights.

The copyright attorneys at Fulwider Patton LLP help clients protect their copyrights by:

  • Educating the company's employees concerning copyright law
  • Establishing guidelines concerning what work products should be registered with the copyright office
  • Keeping an inventory of registered copyrights
  • Writing internal policies about the use of copyrighted materials and the safe-harbor of the DMCA
  • Sending cease-and-desist letters and DMCA take-down notices
  • Drafting copyright ownership agreements for employees and suppliers providing "work for hire"
  • Litigating copyright infringement cases

Fulwider Patton LLP represents clients on intellectual property matters from the United States, Europe and the Pacific Rim from our offices in Los Angeles. For the widest possible protection of your rights, we work with a global network of intellectual property resources.