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Practice Areas


Fulwider Patton attorneys provide legal advice on patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, domain names, and other intellectual property often are crucial for a company's success. We counsel clients in all areas of intellectual property law.

Patent Law: At Fulwider Patton LLP, our patent attorneys know how much work goes into developing an invention. We will work closely with you to assure that your invention has the patent coverage you need to protect your technology.

Trademark Law: Trademarks are a valuable tool for securing rights to a product, process or company name, and to protect the goodwill of your business. Our lawyers will help you register and maintain your trademarks, as well as help monitor the market for unauthorized uses of your trademarks.

Copyright Law: By registering a copyright, your business will have additional power in protecting written and artistic features. We can help you evaluate your copyright situation.

Trade Secrets Law: As an alternative to patent protection, a proprietary process or formula can be protected as a trade secret so long as confidentiality is maintained. Other forms of confidential business information such as customer lists can also be protected as a trade secret. The attorneys at Fulwider Patton LLP can work with you on protecting the trade secrets that maintain your competitive advantage.

Licensing: Do you want to license your patent rights? Does your business have a need to license someone else's patent? We can provide experienced help with negotiations and royalties.

Litigation: If your patents, copyrights, trademarks, or trade secrets are being infringed, our experienced trial lawyers can litigate the matter. If you have received a "cease and desist" letter, we can help respond in your defense.

Fulwider Patton LLP has a long tradition of securing intellectual property protection for its clients. With commitment, concern, creativity, and competence, we forge close relationships with our clients by developing a knowledgeable understanding of their technology and industries, being responsive to their needs, and providing timely intellectual property solutions. In addition to their legal credentials, many of our lawyers have engineering and science backgrounds that include electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and physics, combined with a high level of scholarship and work experience in industry.