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Fulwider Patton LLP Attorneys' Article Selected For 2010 Intellectual Property Law Review

A law review article authored by Fulwider Patton LLP attorneys Katherine L. McDaniel and James Juo, has been selected for inclusion in the annual Thomson Reuters (West) Intellectual Property Law Review as one of the best intellectual property law articles of the past year. The article explores the originality standard for copyright law.

McDaniel & Juo’s article, "A Quantum of Originality In Copyright," was first published in the Chicago-Kent Journal of Intellectual Property at 8 Chi-Kent J. Intell. Prop. 169 (2009). Specifically, McDaniel & Juo discuss recent court decisions applying the Supreme Court’s precedent in Feist on the level of creativity necessary in order to be entitled to copyright protection. In the article, McDaniel & Juo provide suggestions for how to approach the issue of originality, and the scope of protection that should be available.

The Intellectual Property Law Review is a collection of the best articles from the past year on intellectual property law. Contributors include leading law professors and attorneys from law firms and corporations. Articles are sourced from law school reviews, specialty journals, and bar association journals nationwide.

Ms. McDaniel has long specialized in copyright and trademark law, which is the focus of her practice. She is a former Chair of the IP Section of the State Bar of California, and was the first Director of Intellectual Property for The Times Mirror Company (the former parent company of the Los Angeles Times). She is currently a Trustee of the Los Angeles Copyright Society. Mr. Juo focuses on patent and trademark matters, and he has litigated intellectual property cases in the district courts and in the Federal Circuit.

The law firm of Fulwider Patton LLP is widely recognized and respected for its focus on intellectual property law. The firm's attorneys are committed to the protection of their client's innovations involving patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and other forms of intellectual property. In addition to their legal credentials, many Fulwider Patton LLP attorneys have engineering and science backgrounds and a high level of scholarship and work experience in industry.