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Orange County Lawyer publishes "Beware the Witch's Brew of Rhetorical Hyperbole" by James Juo

Fulwider Patton partner James Juo's article, "Beware the Witch's Brew of Rhetorical Hyperbole," has been published in the October 2013 issue of the Orange County Lawyer magazine. The article discusses the cautionary tale of an lawyer who learns that, as an officer of the court, the norms of civility apply even when posting on social media. In this case, the lawyer's posting was peppered with hyperbole that a judge was an "EVIL, UNFAIR WITCH" (emphasis in original) who was "seemingly mentally ill" with an "ugly, condescending attitude." The article quotes Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart that "a lawyer belongs to a profession with inherited standards of propriety and honor." and concludes that while a lawyer should not be precluded from criticizing the conduct of a jurist, the standards of civility nonetheless should be kept in mind when on social media.

A copy of the article may be accessed here.